[tor-relays] Problem implementing IPv6 and NYX info

arisbe arisbe at cni.net
Sun Jul 1 18:24:44 UTC 2018

This year I've modified most of my exit relays to function as IPv6 
in/out.  The process was easy with the exception of two [0], [1].  I 
requested and received an IPv6 address, netmask and gateway from these 
ISPs.  I then modified my /etc/network/interfaces file as follows 
leaving the IPv4 lines in tack:

iface eth0 IPv6 static

     address 2a06:1700:0:1b::

     netmask 64

     gateway 2a06:1700:0:1b::1

ip addr shows the IPv6 address as global.  I added a single line to 
torrc following the IPv4 line:

     ORPort 9001

     ORPort [2a06:1700:0:1b::1]:9001

After a restart, both relays ramped up to a volume of connections where 
I was comfortable that the changes were good.  Visiting them 12 hours 
later I find connections in the few hundred and no flags.  About half of 
the connections were from non-Tor servers. The Tor daemon was running 
and had a PID.  Logs showed the relay operational and nothing peculiar.  
Tor metrics shows the relay as down.  I've commented out the IPv6 ORPort 
line to get both of these exits going again.  The procedure I outlined 
has worked four other times for me.  So what gives?  Can anyone steer me 
toward the problem?

And, finally, a quick question:  Does NYX display incoming and outgoing 
IPv6 relay information?  I assume ARM does not.


[0]  [4061C553CA88021B8302F0814365070AAE617270]

[1]  [9B31F1F1C1554F9FFB3455911F82E818EF7C7883]

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