[tor-relays] High number of simultaneous connections from a single host

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Wed Jan 31 15:35:00 UTC 2018

> I was inspecting my node and just saw that it has a very high number of 
> connections.
> It jumped from the normal 6000-7000 to more than 17000 simultaneous 
> connections.
> Looking at the connections with `ss` I see some hosts with over 1000 
> connections while the majority is usually bellow 10.
> Here are some stats with the IP and the associated number of simultaneous 
> connections:
Please do not publish IP addresses of potential tor clients/onion services!

> Is it normal for a single host to produce so many connections?

This is a known and ongoing issue, the tor developer worked on
a fix to mitigate the impact of such aggressive clients.


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