[tor-relays] unreplied conntrack sessions

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Wed Jan 31 09:38:00 UTC 2018

>> On 31 Jan 2018, at 05:54, Quintin <tor-admin at portaltodark.world> wrote:
>> nusenu wrote: 
>>> If your hoster suspends your server if you exceed 10k concurrent connections
>>> I'm afraid it is probably not suitable for an exit relay
>> The response from the hoster was:
>>> Your server should not have over 20,000 unreplied connections. This is a sign of abuse. 

with "unreplied connections" they might actually mean connection _attempts_ and
not actual connections (I assume they talk about outbound and not inbound traffic).
And they might take it as a sign for "you are probably running a portscanner" (which usually
results in lots of connection attempts - TCP SYN packets without replies).

It is probably still the best solution to change provider - if you are still considering it.

>> What about the exit node causes such abormally high conntrack sessions?
> It is normal for exits to have over 10,000 connections:
> * 7000 to relays, and

we are about to fall bellow 6k concurrently running relays

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