[tor-relays] How to post to this list

Ralph Seichter m16+tor at monksofcool.net
Mon Jan 29 09:06:26 UTC 2018

On 29.01.2018 09:44, list member "I" wrote:

> Who set the etiquette?

That would be the mailing list owner(s).

E-mail netiquette, in various forms, has been around since at least the
late 80s. A good portion of it can be found in RFC1855 (released 1995),
or in texts like "Zen and the art of Internet" (1992). Graramp played
fast with a rule himself by using a rather provocative tone, but I think
he is correct in pointing out that some people have been rather lax or
thoughtless in this list. Top-posting and full quotes definitely make my
teeth itch. ;-)


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