[tor-relays] A lot of Warn messages when bootstrapping

Dark Matter tor-relay at gmx.net
Fri Jan 26 12:46:44 UTC 2018

Thanks for the fast reply!

> Your relay has probably chosen some overloaded guards.
> The problem comes from the extra load on those machines, not your relay.
> Your relay will eventually try other guards.
> Are you sure it's not overloaded?
> It might be worth checking the logs, inbound connections, RAM, and CPU
> after it has been running for a few days.

Yes, the relay is working fine - the only problem was the connection limit due to some OS-level limits.which is why I had to restart the relay in the first place.

> Ignore the warning messages unless your relay is having problems.

Ok, I'll do :) Once one successful circuit was established, there were no warnings any more. It just took some time - but I cannot tell if the relay switched guards or if the guard nodes finally managed to accept a connection request, since I didn't check the guard node set prior to restarting.

Regards, Dark

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