[tor-relays] Upgraded relay non show in ATLAS

Johan Fleury jfleury at arcaik.net
Thu Jan 25 23:41:08 UTC 2018

Hey ! I have the exact same problem, I operate 2 instances that had a little bit
of downtime for a few weeks. I restarted them a week ago, but they haven't
received any tor traffic since then.

This line shows up periodically in the logs: `Heartbeat: It seems like we are
not in the cached consensus.`

The instances are:

prospero1 BFB01CAB4C4CFDD398F3548BD071E3F6E204DF0E
prospero2 EC5A3E0C3548AB19B53ABDE6B1F9D1DB498DEF29

Both behind and 2001:470:ccfc:201::2.

How can I debug this?

Johan Fleury
PGP Key ID : 0x5D404386805E56E6
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