[tor-relays] No graph update for my relay in ATLAS

Peter Ott peter.ott at df7fe.de
Thu Jan 25 18:06:40 UTC 2018


it seems that the graph in ATLAS (1 month and 3 months) for my relay isn't
updated any longer for the graph 'read.' and 'written bytes per second'
(last info was of 2018-01-01). The graph for 'consensus weight', 'middle
probability' etc. seems to be ok. During startup of TOR (running it on
Windows 10 / x64) the DirPort and the ORPort is reachable. Any idea?

Btw how long must the relay be 'up' to get the 'stable' or 'guard' flag
granted. My relay is now online for 46 days -only restarted for a TOR
release upgrade-. A change of the IP-adress seems to be handled fine by TOR.
This change by the ISP occurs at least every 3 days or so).

Thanks in advance and best regards




Relay TRUMPER FP:  12DFC9D1852979939D9317F57A857C80BC73165E


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