[tor-relays] Upgraded relay non show in ATLAS

MLTor Node ml.tor.node at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 14:38:12 UTC 2018

Hi to all!
i have a little relay running in my home LAN on Windows 2016 server 
FE4033D750831C32A957174ADD11E40F558A14A9). A few days ago, i create two 
VLan on my home network, one dedicated for my Tor relay. Today i updated 
service to 3.2.9 release.

After starting tor service, log say that Orport and DIRport are 
reachable from
outside, so it seems to be working without problems. But if i query 
Atlas, my
node seems to be down from 5 days. The IP showed in Atlas is old (i have 
IP and dynamic DNS). I stop and start several times service with no luck.

Anyone can help me? My node is small, but i like very much Tor and i 
want to
continue contributing to the project.

Marlenio (MLTorNode)


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