[tor-relays] Question about downtime

Conrad Rockenhaus conrad at rockenhaus.com
Sun Jan 21 09:52:27 UTC 2018


Note - to others that have sent me emails about a proposed project, I will respond, I’m sorry I just got caught up in a huge emergency project.

Anyway, I had a quick question, on the relay side I run ConradsOVHRelay01 (Relay) and ConradsOVHRelay02 (Exit). They’re running on CentOS, so I have to manually install the latest version of tor to keep up with the security updates. 

I am considering migrating to Ubuntu or Debian to make the update process simpler. To avoid downtime, would it be better to spin up two more boxes and migrate or would bringing them down for maintenance be acceptable? I would like to avoid downtime personally, as they’re stable, fast relays.

I’m just looking for thoughts and ideas.



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