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Fabian A. Santiago fsantiago at garbage-juice.com
Fri Jan 19 00:20:31 UTC 2018

On January 18, 2018 6:26:40 PM EST, Mirimir <mirimir at riseup.net> wrote:
>On 01/18/2018 11:54 AM, niftybunny wrote:
>> You will held responsible to your actions (traffic). So worst case
>scenario is: They give your personal data to a LEA and you are now in
>charge to explain to a LEO that this is a Tor Exit. 
>> Depends on your country if this is a good idea. If you dont want any
>personal data with your VPS, get a bulletproof VPS but even offshore
>ISPs ban Tor Exists together with CP and hate speech. 
>> Welcome to the wonderful world of Tor Exists.
>> Enjoy your stay.
>> Markus
>How about HostSailor? They accept Bitcoin, and don't authenticate
>customers. But I don't know how they'd handle Tor relays.
>>> On 18. Jan 2018, at 23:45, Fabian A. Santiago
><fsantiago at garbage-juice.com> wrote:
>>> January 18, 2018 4:50 PM, "George" <george at queair.net> wrote:
>>>> niftybunny:
>>>>> online.net <http://online.net>
>>>>> trabia.com <http://trabia.com> (ask first)
>>>>> both offer 100mbit for less than 5 euros
>>>> This is a CSV file that TDP is slowly tinkering with. While it's
>>>> on BSD-providing VPSs, most offer more.
>>>> g
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>>> I asked online.net about their cloud ssd vps service and tor and
>have the following dialog going:
>>> "
>>> Hello. I'm interested in running a Tor relay exit node on your cloud
>SSD vps product. Is this allowed? I would be running a reduced reduced
>exit policy. Thank you.
>>> ****************************************
>>> Flavio Pastore 1/18/18 5:13 PM
>>> Hello,
>>> Thanks for your ticket.
>>> Our platform is a IaaS one. So, if you're willing to set up legal
>activities, you're more than welcome regardless of the service used. If
>not, you will reported accordingly.
>>> I hope I have this point clear, but we remain here at your entire
>disposal for any further information.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Flavio 
>>> Online / Scaleway
>>> Looking for an amazing job? Join us NOW !
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>>> Fabian.santiago at gmail.com 1/18/18 5:40 PM
>>> By legal services, do you mean a mechanism in order to respond to
>abuse reports? if so, i have covered that need by the following:
>>> 1.> i publish a tor readme html page on the server for anyone to
>browse to learn about tor and what my server is doing. it also includes
>links to the tor project's own pages with additional information. I
>would also be published in the tor atlas showing my node's information
>for all to see that i am a tor node. 
>>> 2.> i publish contact information so that complaint concerns can be
>addressed to me directly as needed.
>>> will this suffice in your opinion? could you also make a note on
>your end that I would be running an exit relay so that you know, in
>case you do wind up receiving complaints about my node's traffic? I
>find (and have read) that with a reduced reduced exit policy the chance
>for complaint generating traffic is greatly minimized anyway. thank
>>> "
>>> so they seem to be kewl with it but in your opinions, what does he
>mean by "legal activities"? Thanks. 
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>>> Thanks,
>>> Fabian S.
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>tor-relays mailing list
>tor-relays at lists.torproject.org

Uggh, monthly recurring Bitcoin payments sounds painful. Nah. 

Maybe not a good idea then with online.net. they seem to offer vps' in Paris and Amsterdam and I have no idea what their LE would do when handed my info. So forget it. 

Ok, any decently priced unmetered providers with servers in the US? I am in the US.

I'll check out the csv someone mentioned as well. Thanks.

They also just added this response:

Flavio Pastore wrote: 


Thanks for providing us more information about what services you're going to use in your server.

By the way, it is very difficult to give you an exhaustive reply in advance, there is not a full text explaining what can be considered as illegal and what legal instead.

But we ensure to apply the EU law as general set of rules, and the French law as specific set of rules.

Besides, it is impossible to give you all details about that unfortunately.

Finally , regarding the exit policy, it depends on the abuse and our security team treats case by case according to the specific abuse committed. 

Best regards,

Thanks again everyone. 


Fabian S.

OpenPGP: 3C3FA072ACCB7AC5DB0F723455502B0EEB9070FC

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