[tor-relays] Tor Linux - too slow to handle this many circuit creation requests - Freebsd 0328r

Felix zwiebel at quantentunnel.de
Thu Jan 18 17:59:16 UTC 2018

Hi everybody

Am 18-Jan-18 um 11:44 schrieb Stijn Jonker:
> First message is at Jan 18 07:17:13, last just Jan 18 11:37:44, when
> adding the # of circuits up, total in ~4 hours: 18033820 being 18 Million

The same here:
7993419 circuits and 64009930 NTor in 4 hours (Freebsd, Jan 9th, Tor

and there without the 'too slow to handle' warning:
17059168 circuits and 37961895 NTor in 3 hours (Freebsd, Jan 14th, Tor
Interesting here is the memory went up to 15GB where MaxMemInQueues was
set to 2GB.

Cheers, Felix

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