[tor-relays] Has the storm passed?

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Tue Jan 16 10:37:00 UTC 2018

> I think things have gotten a little bit better, but I think it is too soon
> to say that things have passed. I'm still seeing the various connection
> overloads and circuit overloads that I was seeing earlier.
> For those still feeling the memory-bloat pain, I should clean up and share
> one of the patches I've been testing, which does something similar to
> the iptables rules that teor has been talking about, but does it inside
> Tor rather than at the firewall level. This week I hope.

Will this be an opt-in, opt-out or not configurable?
(I assume this will be in the first 0.3.3.x alpha)

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