[tor-relays] nyx no connections shown

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Mon Jan 15 22:49:06 UTC 2018

Thanks Arisbe! This is useful.

> 1)  nyx is way slow to start up.  Sometimes taking 20 seconds to come
visible.  The contacts page (page 2) does come up eventually but sometimes
takes 10 minutes;

Weird. Nyx should be quicker in that respect than the old arm codebase.
Please run 'nyx --debug' and send me the debug log, minus anything you
think is sensitive.

> 2)  the inbound and outbound connections on page two are listed by IP
only and not sorted by inbound/outbound;

Not sure I follow. Is this purely a sorting issue or are inbound/outbound
not properly labeled? This is something a screenshot might help with.

> 3)  IP addresses do not have country identification but rather all just
have (??);

Hopefully the debug log will help with this too. This should be coming from

> 4)  nyx rejects some of the options in nyxrc

Yup, the nyxrc options are different from the old armrc. They're listed


> 5)  There is no man page for nyx.

Actually, there is.


Arm attempted to guess where to install it when you ran 'python setup.py
install' but doing so caused problems. Unfortunately the path man pages are
located at varies by the platform so I now leave it up to package managers
(yum, emerge, etc). Are you on Debian or Ubuntu? That's the most common
pain point right now - a package will hopefully be available for those

Cheers! -Damian
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