[tor-relays] Relays operators meetup @ FOSDEM 2018 ?

Nicolas Braud-Santoni nicolas at braud-santoni.eu
Fri Jan 12 23:07:43 UTC 2018


I might be able to organise a relays operators meetup at FOSDEM, early February.
(This is contingent on me being able to come, though.)

I wanted to ask whether there are other relay operators who are planning to go,
and which times would work; I made a quick poll to this effect :


Feel free to add yourself without filling your availability yet, if you will be
around but haven't looked at the schedule yet.

I know we had the yearly meetup at 34C3 quite recently, but after discussions
there it seemed like a good idea to reach out to relays operators who don't
necessarily attend congress, to people who don't yet run relays but have
questions, and do so in a different context than congress.


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