[tor-relays] MyFamily and ContactInfo fields are required for operators running multiple tor instances

Sebastian Hahn mail at sebastianhahn.net
Thu Jan 11 20:02:42 UTC 2018

> On 11. Jan 2018, at 20:44, Dmitrii Tcvetkov <demfloro at demfloro.ru> wrote:
>>>    MyFamily **must** be set correctly if you run more than one
>>> relay or bridge. (That is, every relay should list all the others
>>> as described above.)
> So if I run some relays and also some bridges I must to specify
> unhashed fingerprints of the bridges in MyFamily in configs of all my
> relays?

No. That's harmful. Never list bridge fingerprints in MyFamily. I have
reopened the closed bug report[0] because the man page now gives this
harmful advice (and actually contradicts itself). Let's hope it gets
fixed quickly.

[0]: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/24526

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