[tor-relays] Combined relay and hidden service, good idea or not?

Dave Warren dw at thedave.ca
Wed Jan 10 18:33:41 UTC 2018

On 2018-01-09 13:33, yl wrote:
> On 08.01.2018 11:21, Florentin Rochet wrote:
>> Yes, if the HS operator does not want to mask the HS location, then it
>> is all good. For that purpose, I agree that the warning message should
>> be changed.
> So assuming I just want to run SSH on some port on an .onion on the
> relay, what is the downside there? Just wondering if for that usecase,
> SSH to login remotely on to the relay would still have any disadvantages
> that I missed to consider.

Do you care if a random third party could determine the real internet IP 
address of your .onion? If this isn't a problem, then you can probably 
proceed safely.

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