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> On 10 Jan 2018, at 00:19, John D. McDonnell <mcdonnjd at pcam.org> wrote:
> If I get the chance to head to the other building where I have the other relay connected, I'll try connecting it directly to the internet and see how that affects the usage. (pf is set to not allow any connections besides ORport, DirPort, SSH, 80, and 443, so it should be fairly secure. Though I've not tested my rules to redirect 80 and 443 to DirPort and ORPort as my router was doing that for me.) On that note, if I plug directly in, I will also get an IPv6 address. Do I need to do anything besides set "IPv6Exit 1" to use it as an IPv6 exit?

No, setting "IPv6Exit 1" is enough.

> (Do I need to set the IPv6 OR port. It is not a static IP address and I don't know how often it will be forced to change.)

Your IPv6 address is not static?
That's unfortunate. And unusual.

Tor doesn't automatically detect IPv6 addresses yet.
And if your IPv6 address changes, the directory authorities will mark
it as down. So please *don't* set the IPv6 ORPort.


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