[tor-relays] Combined relay and hidden service, good idea or not?

Dave Warren dw at thedave.ca
Tue Jan 9 18:50:18 UTC 2018

On 2018-01-08 19:54, Alain Wolf wrote:
> I think the real issue here is once more the wording "hidden service"
> for something which is, in your case, not intended to be hidden.
> I believe thats why the term "Onion Service" was introduced.

Indeed. I use Onion Service when starting a conversation, but when 
Hidden Service is already in use, it seems to be less confusing to stick 
with the terminology being used in the existing thread.

> A foolproof solution would be, that a relay complains and refuses to
> start if a "hidden onion service" is configured on the same instance.
> But would run without warning with "public onion services".
> I have no idea if a distinction between "public" and "hidden" onion
> services is planned or if its just change of wording until now.

I don't think there is a technical difference between and "Onion" vs 
"Hidden" service, although there is obviously a huge real-world difference.

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