[tor-relays] Nyx reported speed

teor teor2345 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 8 22:14:02 UTC 2018

> On 9 Jan 2018, at 05:56, John D. McDonnell <mcdonnjd at pcam.org> wrote:
> I'd appreciate any tips and pointers you can send my way. And if the consumer routers are the issue, I can move my one exit relay to one of the other connections I have and not use it at the location (or just run one that's slower) where I do use this backup internet connection. (It's handy to have a network that's not part of our internal network for testing.)

In our experience, most consumer routers don't support the 6000 simultaneous
connections that Tor uses. I'd encourage you to try a different router, or an
alternate connection, and see how that goes.


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