[tor-relays] Can't get the exit flag

teor teor2345 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 22:39:45 UTC 2018

> On 5 Jan 2018, at 08:58, Guilherme Rigon <guilherme at rigon.info> wrote:
> Here's the connection status: https://pastebin.com/Rsytmgs0

We don't publicly post connection IP addresses, because some of them
may be client addresses. (This list is probably ok, it is probably just your
relay's Guards.)

> With commented out OutboundBindAddress this is the log from notice.log

Some connections failures are normal, the Tor network is under extra load right

Please wait until your relay gets to 100%, and then wait 20 minutes for it to
checking its ORPort and DirPort reachability, then send the logs.

> About the connection, it's behind a router with NAT for Dir and OR Ports.

This might not work as a relay or exit, because some routers don't support
6000 simultaneous connections, which is what relays need. Exits need more.

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