[tor-relays] Circuit padding timeouts

teor teor2345 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 4 21:44:55 UTC 2018


We plan to downgrade the padding warnings in 0.3.2, there's nothing the
operator can do about them.

> On 5 Jan 2018, at 05:10, raltullou at posteo.org wrote:
> I'm seeing the same error message, combined with
> "Your system clock just jumped X seconds forward; assuming established circuits no longer work."

This can happen when tor is suspended by the OS for too long.
I've seen it happen on my relays when they are under heavy load.
I think heavy swapping can cause it, too.

Try following the relay load instructions here:


But the last resort setting is wrong, it should be "DisableOOSCheck 0".

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