[tor-relays] dns name

TorGate torgate at linux-hus.dk
Tue Feb 20 20:05:10 UTC 2018

Hi onion friends :-)
i have 2 relays, configured with ipv4 adresses.
I have write to my isp and asked: can you change the ripe data ?
isp: no
my: ok :-( , i can also not change the reverse dnsname

1. So the question: is that a god way to change the config from IP-adress to dnsname in the torrc.
2. Can i also set the hostname manualy ? On Atlas is that my isp.

So when there is coming a abuse, all contact is going first to my isp, and not to me.

3. Is that ok when i change the exit-html expl. with my email and business adress

regards Steffen
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