[tor-relays] new warning with Tor (git-efc105716283bbdf)

Toralf Förster toralf.foerster at gmx.de
Mon Feb 19 18:32:19 UTC 2018

This happenes here now with that version usually once a day.

Feb 19 18:59:00.000 [warn] Our clock is 1 minutes, 1 seconds behind the time published in the consensus network status document (2018-02-19 18:00:00 UTC).  Tor needs an accurate clock to work correctly. Please check your time and date settings!
Feb 19 18:59:00.000 [warn] Received microdesc flavor consensus with skewed time (CONSENSUS): It seems that our clock is behind by 1 minutes, 1 seconds, or that theirs is ahead. Tor requires an accurate clock to work: please check your time, timezone, and date settings.


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