[tor-relays] PerConnBWRate, RelayBandwidthRate, BandwidthRate

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Sun Feb 18 00:17:00 UTC 2018


I've got two questions regarding some bw related torrc settings.


after reading tor's manpage section about PerConnBWRate:
> PerConnBWRate N
> bytes|KBytes|MBytes|GBytes|TBytes|KBits|MBits|GBits|TBits If set, do
> separate rate limiting for each connection from a non-relay. You
> should never need to change this value, since a network-wide value is
> published in the consensus and your relay will use that value.
> (Default: 0)

I was wondering what value dir auths set in consensus, but I was not 
able to find anything that looked like it in consensus [1].

dir-spec [2]
>         "perconnbwrate" and "perconnbwburst" -- if set, each relay sets
>         up a separate token bucket for every client OR connectio [...]>         First-appeared:
>         Removed-in:

Does that mean that dir auths stopped including it since tor
should we update the manpage then?

Is there a default value if consensus does not say anything about it 
or is there no per connection limit in that case?

Is there a RelayBandwidthRate torrc setting in addition to BandwidthRate
so tor instances which act as clients and relays at the same time can
have independent bw rates for each role (client, relay)?

BandwidthRate -> affects client and relay role
RelayBandwidthRate -> affects only relay role
is this correct?

[1] https://collector.torproject.org/recent/relay-descriptors/consensuses/2018-02-17-23-00-00-consensus

[2] https://gitweb.torproject.org/torspec.git/tree/dir-spec.txt#n1847

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