[tor-relays] Relay stuck at Bootstrapped 0%

Paul paul at roteserver.de
Sat Feb 17 00:41:33 UTC 2018

I am sorry for providing not enough info,

Both are no exits.

The error relay: A29D2A78A8A954819E220CEFBEBCE95D2FCFA54D

The other one: A0B4C435650B6D86D618EFD10EDED34FD2AFF562

here you can find my whole notices.log since the last reinstall:

The Problem usually occures when i restart the PI after beeing shut down
to long.

Tor is installed through the apt-get repository. I think it uses systemd

Am 17.02.2018 um 00:53 schrieb teor:
>> On 17 Feb 2018, at 10:44, Paul <paul at roteserver.de> wrote:
>> I am running two relays on debian (one on Raspian 9 and one on Debian 9)
>> and one of them for over three months now.
> Are you running an exit?
> Please link to your relays on Relay Search.
>> Some time ago the older one started to loop at startup.
>> I reinstalled tor and it worked for some time only to loop again.
>> The last notices entry looks like this "Feb 16 19:36:14.000 [notice]
>> Bootstrapped 0%: Starting" and the next is "Feb 16 19:42:08.000 [notice]
>> Tor (git-a211f886ad759cab) opening log file." then it tells
>> about opening the listeners and parsing the GEOIP files, then my relay
>> identity and the bootstrapped 0% entry again (left some informational
>> entries out).
> What is the log entry right before the relay restarts?
> Please don't leave out log entries.
> When you do, we have to guess what the missing log entries are.
> If you think the log is too long, put it in a pastebin that can be accessed
> using Tor Browser in high security mode.
>> The debug log looks like it is getting descriptors and stuff correctly.
>> What could be the problem?
> Are you using systemd, or some other startup notification system?
> Your relay could be failing to notify systemd that it has started.
> And then systemd is restarting it.
> Are there limits on RAM, file descriptors, or disk usage on your system?
> Your relay could be exceeding some kind of OS limit, and being terminated.
> And then systemd is restarting it.
> I'd really need to see your logs to work out what's happening.
> T
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