[tor-relays] 1 circuit using 1.5Gig or ram? []

David Goulet dgoulet at torproject.org
Mon Feb 12 19:44:02 UTC 2018

On 12 Feb (20:09:35), Stijn Jonker wrote:
> Hi all,
> So in general and running on two nodes
> without any connection limits on the iptables firewall seems to be a lot
> more robust against the recent increase in clients (or possible [D]DoS). But
> tonight for a short period of time one of the relays was running a bit "hot"
> so to say.
> Only to be greated by this log entry:
> Feb 12 18:54:55 tornode2 Tor[6362]: We're low on memory (cell queues total
> alloc: 1602579792 buffer total alloc: 1388544, tor compress total alloc:
> 1586784 rendezvous cache total alloc: 489909). Killing circuits
> withover-long queues. (This behavior is controlled by MaxMemInQueues.)
> Feb 12 18:54:56 tornode2 Tor[6362]: Removed 1599323088 bytes by killing 1
> circuits; 39546 circuits remain alive. Also killed 0 non-linked directory
> connections.

Wow... 1599323088 bytes is insane. This should _not_ happen for only 1
circuit. We actually have checks in place to avoid this but it seems they
either totally failed or we have a edge case.

Can you tell me what scheduler were you using (look for "Scheduler" in the
notice log).

Any warnings in the logs that you could share or everything was normal?

Finally, if you can share the OS you are running this relay and if Linux, the
kernel version.

Big thanks!

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