[tor-relays] Report on the FOSDEM relays meetup

nusenu nusenu-lists at riseup.net
Sat Feb 10 11:07:00 UTC 2018

> Content-wise, there were some pretty fruitful discussion, but we spent quite a bit
> of time on questions that recurr at other meetups too:
> - What's the most useful thing I can bring to the network?
>   (TL;DR: Ideally, fast relays (if possible exits); if you can't contribute
>   more than 1MB/s, make it a bridge)

I like 1MByte/s (8MBit/s) as the "limit" between relay vs. bridge, currently we mention
16MBit/s and 2MBit/s in the documentation:  


I'll go ahead and make 8 MBit/s the lower limit (and keep "It is recommended that a relay have at least 16 MBit/s (Mbps)") 
unless there are strong opinions against it.
> - Can I run my relay on a Raspberry Pi (or similar) ?
> - Why does my relay (or Internet connection) die once I have TLS connections
>   established to most other relays?
>   (This instance was likely caused by an ISP-provided router with bad
>   TCP connection tracking.)

we tried to cover this in the guide:
> - Why doesn't Tor support IPv6 yet?


> Those are all somewhat simple, and I think we would definitely benefit from
> having better, and more visible, FAQs for those.  I will try to take the time
> and make/improve wiki pages for those, but I wouldn't mind some help from one
> of the website-makers to see how we can make it more visible.

I added an entry for "The Tor Relay Guide" on the website:

I'm not sure if naming this section "Expert guides" is the right thing, since you do not need to be
a Tor "expert" to run a relay. I might submit a branch to get that wording changed or
start a discussion (if needed) on tor-dev about it.

I'm planing to go over the relay section of the FAQ on www.tpo and provide a branch for review,
do you have commit privileges for the website and would be up to review and commit my changes? 

Some questions in that section do not actually belong to the relay section, like:
"I want to run my Tor client on a different computer than my applications."

I'm looking forward to community.tpo to have that Tor Relay Guide content - currently located in the
trac wiki maybe look a bit more readable :)
twitter: @nusenu_

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