[tor-relays] Publishing bridge contact information

Sebastian Hahn mail at sebastianhahn.net
Wed Feb 7 18:37:23 UTC 2018

> On 7. Feb 2018, at 18:55, Geoff Down <geoffdown at fastmail.net> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 7, 2018, at 4:45 PM, Karsten Loesing wrote:
>> Possible disadvantages are:
>> - If somebody runs a relay and a bridge, both with the same contact
>> information, a censoring adversary might guess that the bridge might run
>> on a nearby IP address as the relay. However, they could as well assume
>> that for all relays and block or scan the IP space around all known relays.
>> - Bridge operators might be surprised to see their contact information
>> in a public archive. We do have a warning in the tor manual
>> https://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-manual.html.en#ContactInfo, but
>> maybe nobody reads the fine manual.
> An email address may be linked to an IP address in public sources, e.g. mailing list archives, forum postings.

... or whois information.

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