[tor-relays] relayor v0.3.1 is released

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Mon Feb 5 21:07:00 UTC 2018


relayor v0.3.1 has been released.


Whether you run a single or many relays, relayor
helps you with running relays with minimal effort (automate everything).

Introduction to get you started:

Main benefits for a tor relay operator

* automation - no more manual setup tasks
* security:
	offline Ed25519 master keys
	every tor instance is run with a distinct user
* automatically makes use of IPv6 IPs (if available)
* automatic tor instance generation (two by default - configurable)
* enables tor's Sandbox feature by default on Debian-based systems
* easily choose between alpha/non-alpha releases
* easily restore a relay setup
* easily choose between exit relay/non-exit relay mode
* automatic deployment of a tor exit notice html page via tor's DirPort
* automatic MyFamily management

Supported Operating Systems

    Debian 8, 9 and Debian Testing
    OpenBSD 6.2
    FreeBSD 10.4, 11.1
    HardenedBSD 11.1
    Ubuntu 16.04
    CentOS 7
    Fedora 27

Changes since v0.3.0:

    - support custom tor-exit-notice.html files (fixes #140)
    - increase tor_alpha_version: 0.3.2.x -> 0.3.3.x
    - Debian/Ubuntu: add support for tor nightly builds
    - implement per-instance ExitRelay settings (fixes #146)
    - make tor package state configurable (latest vs. present)


twitter: @nusenu_

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