[tor-relays] - Feedback expected? - Experimental DoS mitigation is in tor master

Stijn Jonker sjcjonker at sjc.nl
Mon Feb 5 20:47:59 UTC 2018

Hi all,

Not sure where to hook into the discussion, apologies of offending anyone spanning of a new thread from this first message.

On 31 Jan 2018, at 10:16, Roger Dingledine wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Thanks for your patience with the relay overload issues.
> We've merged https://bugs.torproject.org/24902 into tor git master. We'll
> be putting out an release in not too long for wider testing,
> and eventually backporting it all the way back to 0.2.9, but if you're
> the sort who enjoys running code from git, now is a great time to try it
> and let us know of problems and/or successes.

One relay has been running for 3 days, with all FW rate limiting removed, the other ~2 days. Is any feedback expected/appreciated?

I can share the heartbeat logging (the now three lines - Heartbeat / Circuit handshake stats / DoS) or anything else? [I assume save to share without the bandwidth on the Heartbeat line, but please confirm].

From a "how are things running?" well the "DoS attacks" come and go, and for now it looks good. Nothing out of the ordinary. CPU/Mem usage seems comparable whilst not under attack, traffic volumes seems a bit lower. The only visible thing is being marked on "Atlas" as an version with possible issues :-)

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