[tor-relays] nyx question on info on top right side, present on CentOS, missing on Debian.

Stijn Jonker sjcjonker at sjc.nl
Sun Feb 4 14:18:40 UTC 2018

Hi Stain,

On 4 Feb 2018, at 14:56, Stian Fauskanger wrote:

> Hi Stijn,
> So I'm running two relays, one is running on CentOS7, the other Debian 
> Stretch. On both I have nyx (2.0.4) installed. The "Debian" one is 
> missing the CPU, Exit policy etc info. It's not tor version specific, 
> as I recently upgraded the tor software on the nodes regularly.
> So on the CentOS node I see this on the top at the right;
> cpu: 61.3% tor, 5.0% nyx mem: 371 MB (12.4%) pid: 1279 uptime: 
> 02:59:09
> fingerprint: 328E54981C6DDD7D89B89E418724A4A7881E3192
> exit policy: reject *:*
> On the Debian node it's simply not printing any of these three lines. 
> I can't find in the (debug) logging whether an utility or library is 
> missing.
> It's nothing major, but annoying. Especially with the new alpha 
> releases it's nice to keep an eye out on mem/cpu.
>> I have a similar problem with nyx on FreeBSD 11.1. The CPU, mem, pid, 
>> uptime, fingerprint and exit policy is only visible when using a 
>> terminal width of 141-153 characters. You could try this.

I think I found the non-printing at all, python2 vs python3. But when I 
have a smaller terminal (actually most of the time I run then side by 
side in a 55 char width terminal, the lines are printed in one column 
(for me at least - now on both nodes :-)):

nyx - tornode.sjc.nl (Linux 3.10.0-6...)   Tor 
sjc01 - <<RMEOVED>>:443, Dir Port: 80, Control Port (cookie): 9051
cpu: 73.7% tor, 1.1% nyx   mem: 691 MB (23.1%) pid: 1279   uptime: 
fingerprint: 328E54981C6DDD7D89B89E418724A4A7881E3192
flags: Fast, Guard, Running, Stable, V2Dir, Valid

>> Stian Fauskanger


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