[tor-relays] Tolerant hosting for exit node.

armenian_priest armenian_priest at teknik.io
Sun Sep 17 10:32:33 UTC 2017

Hello list,

I was hoping to get a good suggestion from here for a hosting provider 
that is tolerant with Tor exit nodes.

I went through the mailing list archive a few months back and there 
weren't any good suggestions on hosting providers.

Also, I checked the 'GoodBadISPs' page in the Tor wiki but it is pretty 
outdated and I already got burned with one provider from there: ITLDC, 
it was added on 2016-04-23 but they bluntly stated that they DO NOT 
tolerate exit nodes after 2 abuse complaints, my exit node was running 
for 1 month there.

One of the abuses was handled but with the second one they basically 
wanted me to block HTTP/S traffic on the VPS.

I am not sure who edits and keeps track of the mentioned page but it 
would be a good idea to remove the mentioned provider from there so 
other people wont waste their money.

Hope to get some recommendations since I want to support the network 
with an exit node.

Thanks in advance!

With regards,


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