[tor-relays] 22% of bridges run by a single entity?

Moritz Bartl moritz at torservers.net
Thu Mar 30 06:07:23 UTC 2017

On 29.03.2017 15:32, nusenu wrote:
> Could you please publish a maintained list of all your tor relay
> fingerprints and hashed bridge fingerprints for transparency?
> (so people can make an informed decision whether they want to use your
> bridges (currenty ~22% by count and ~32% by adv. bw) _and_ exits
> (currently ~10% exit_probability) at the same time)

Yeah, this is pretty fucked up. We got the grant _NOT_ to run exits
_and_ bridges ourselves, but to find partner organizations that would
run the bridges. And then all the communication failed too because the
people who wanted to be part of the grant didn't do it. I don't think
they ever worked well anyway, and weren't supposed to be used in that
way. We should just shut them down finally.

Moritz Bartl

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