[tor-relays] "wubthecaptain1" relay a year later, or why running a Tor exit at home is discouraged

Nurmi, Juha juha.nurmi at ahmia.fi
Thu Mar 9 13:03:12 UTC 2017


On Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 2:04 PM, Juuso Lapinlampi <wub at partyvan.eu> wrote:

> In that time, I received an uncounted amount of abuse reports from my
> Internet service provider, tens or hundreds of malware infection
> incidents daily according to ISP's autoreporter logs, and one concern
> from NCSC-FI/CERT-FI (FICORA) regarding a suspicion of "botnet drone".
NCSC-FI just doing their job to create this autoreporter log. Each ISP in
Finland receives this log every day. If you operate an exit node there will
be these malware incidents.

> I was also interrogated by Finnish police for alleged identity crimes,
> fraud and attempts of fraud (and needlessly had my personal rights
> violated, to my belief). [4] They have since frozen the investigation
> and don't suspect me to be responsible for the allegations. [5] I can't
> say for certain these investigations to have had anything to do with
> wubthecaptain1 exit specifically, but that's my best guess.
Running an exit node is legal in Finland.

> Now, there's something new I'd like to share with this mailing list.
> Starting from December 2016, – long after the exit was turned into a
> middle relay – I've now been targeted by four different law firms
> representing copyright holders, demanding reimbursements for alleged
> copyright infringements from residential IP-addresses assigned to
> wubthecaptain1 Tor exit and threats to sue to market court. The parties
> involved and their reimbursement demands are:
>   - Hedman Partners (on behalf of Crystalis Entertainment UG / Scanbox
>     Entertainment A/S), Black Sails (S3E4) (150 EUR) / Taken 3 (900 EUR)
>   - Tekijänoikeusturva TOT (on behalf of Interallip LLP), "Z-Nation"
>     (900 EUR)
>   - Adultia (on behalf of Copyright Management Services Ltd /
>     Echo Alpha Inc), various adult pornography works (16600 EUR)
>   - NJORD Law (on behalf of Nu Image, Inc), Survivor (550 EUR), Olympus
>     Has Fallen (550 EUR), Automata (550 EUR)
You don't have to pay these. These are just empty demands from private

> Nonetheless I believe the law is on my side with non-liability, so I'm
> not concerned for my personal legal defence. If anyone is concerned,
> I've not agreed to any of the imbursements so far and I've not spent any
> money on a lawyer or legal advice. (Though, thanks to torservers.net for
> the offer earlier!)

Yes, the law of Finland protects your rights.

> I've not counted how much bandwidth was actually served and contributed
> to the Tor network, but it was among lines of 90 Mbps for that time and
> that counts for a lot in months. Since turning it to a middle relay, the
> actual relayed bandwidth has dropped dramatically. We need more exit
> relays, especially in Finland too.
Finland would be an excellent place for fast dedicated exit nodes.

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