[tor-relays] Is my relay alive?

anondroid tor at anondroid.com
Sat Feb 18 22:26:42 UTC 2017

> today there is only one file in the stats subdirectory: dirreq-stats.
> Is that normal?

I think so, yes. I just checked a healthy relay:

$ sudo ls -l /var/lib/tor/stats
-rw------- 1 debian-tor debian-tor 1412 Feb 17 22:39 dirreq-stats
-rw------- 1 debian-tor debian-tor 185 Feb 17 22:39 hidserv-stats

The second file probably only appears if your relay has the HSDir flag and is acting as a hidden services directory.

Atlas (https://atlas.torproject.org) is another good resource. It shows relays' flags, bandwidth, uptime, etc.
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