[tor-relays] Shutdown of TorLand1

tor-admin at torland.is tor-admin at torland.is
Wed Feb 15 21:55:48 UTC 2017

Hi all,

after 5 years of operation I will shutdown TorLand1 
on February 17 2017. 

During the time of operation it pumped almost 6 PetaByte of exit traffic. 
Compared to the amount of traffic, the number of complains were quite low. 
Around 1-2 complains per week with a reduced exit policy. Two times I was 
contacted by LE via email. 

When I started the exit relay there were around 20-30 high capacity relays 
available. Today compass shows 180 95+ MBit/s exits. TorLand1 was operated and 
paid by me without an organization like torservers, nos onions, etc. 

I hope others will step up and run high capacity exits. The Tor network needs 
your help. I will continue to run a meek bridge. 



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