[tor-relays] Reaching out to webiron

Ralph Seichter tor-relays-ml at horus-it.de
Wed Feb 8 14:42:21 UTC 2017

On 08.02.2017 08:03, Andrew Deason wrote:

> WebIron is well aware of what tor is, and they seem to have an issue
> with the tor network in general, not my specific node.

I have had an e-mail conversation with a Webiron employee. I don't want
to give details without permission, but in a nutshell, this was what I

Webiron is indeed completely aware of what Tor is. Webiron thinks that
the abuse via Tor outweighs privacy concerns. Webiron is unwilling to
exclude Tor exits from their automated checks, and is also unwilling to
mitigate the perceived problem on their end.

I'd like to add that the tone of the e-mails I received was quite
aggressive, threatening "blocking your whole business". I pointed out
this mailing list, but I have not heard any feedback beyond that.

After several months of automated complaints, I feel that I have not
much choice, and I am now ignoring Webiron completely.


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