[tor-relays] Reaching out to webiron

John Ricketts john at quintex.com
Wed Feb 8 07:22:31 UTC 2017


I will be blunt and say that I simply ignore them.  athey are fully aware of what Tor is, have been told by me and other operators how to block exit nodes and explain that we are simply a conduit.  

I am not ignoring them out of spite, but frankly it is tiring to be redundant.  I get about 40 or so abuse emails a day and I take the time to respond to them personally unless I'm being spammed, as that's how I see it when all of my emails have been ignored when I respond to them.  I prefer not to automate my responses as I find it cold.


> On Feb 8, 2017, at 01:19, Andrew Deason <adeason at dson.org> wrote:
> On Wed, 8 Feb 2017 15:09:47 +1100
> Tor <tor at xemurieh.co.uk> wrote:
>> I don't ignore abuse reports, and I've found that Tor's boilerplate
>> abuse templates almost always provide a good response. So it's just a
>> matter of copying and pasting the relevant section and sending it to them.
>> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TorAbuseTemplates
> Normally, yes sure, but this isn't some random place that's never heard
> of tor before. WebIron is well aware of what tor is, and they seem to
> have an issue with the tor network in general, not my specific node.
> They used to include this in their automated reports:
>>> ====== Tor: Please note as the abuse from Tor has gotten out of hand,
>>> we do not give free passes to abuse coming from Tor exits. See the
>>> leader board linked below for more details on the issue. ======
> And they even gave instructions for how to block ranges from individual
> exits:
> <https://www.webiron.com/supporthome/view-article/32-blocking-traffic-from-tor-exit-nodes.html>
> (They no longer include this info in their reports, from what I can
> tell.)
> But blocking ranges from individual exits doesn't seem useful to them at
> all; it's even counterproductive, since the attacks/abuse will use a
> different IP, bypassing their IP-based blacklist.
> From my current conversation with them, they are aware of at least some
> suggested ways of blocking tor entirely, but claim some issues with
> doing so. (Something having to do with exit node IPs changing too
> frequently, making the existing methods useless.)
> I am not sure if there are real technical limitations, or there is just
> a misunderstanding. Since I don't work with the technical details of tor
> in and out every day, I'm a little hesitant to be arguing with them
> about the various technical details, since I might get something wrong.
> And of course, if there _are_ actual problems with the mechanisms of tor
> blacklisting, I can't do anything about it myself, and we have to play
> "telephone" with me reporting some issue second-hand or whatever.
> So... I was wondering if there's someone I should "pass off" to :)
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