[tor-relays] Reaching out to webiron

Andrew Deason adeason at dson.org
Wed Feb 8 04:00:05 UTC 2017

I run an exit node, and as such, I get abuse emails like this from time
to time:

Mostly I ignore them, but since their automated report contains the
sentence "Please feel free to send us your comments or responses.",
every so often I send something to complain about their practices. To my
surprise, apparently somebody does actually read these because today I
got a reply.

I'm not reproducing the entire response here without permission (they
seem kinda touchy), but the person that replied did mention that they
have some kind of rbl "in beta" regarding tor exits. They seemed to
imply that doing so was quite a burden on them, though, which I don't
really understand (IME blocking tor exits is easy; intentionally so).

I'm trying to keep the conversation going, but I was wondering if anyone
from the tor project has tried to reach out to them in some kind of
official way? I'm just some random guy, so I don't know if it would be
preferable for someone more knowledgeable, or with more access to tor
infrastructure, to be conversing with them. (e.g. teor)

I assume some people will say this isn't even worth the effort; it's not
like it's hard to just ignore those reports. But it doesn't take much
effort to just try to talk ot them, and it perhaps helps to give tor a
reputation of cooperation and helpfulness.

Andrew Deason
adeason at dson.org

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