[tor-relays] Hostname in DirAuthority config

Andrew Smith me at andrewmichaelsmith.com
Mon Feb 6 16:31:30 UTC 2017


I'm experimenting running my own tor network. To achieve this I'm setting
DirAuthority in torrc.

But it seems that I cannot use a hostname for my DirAuthority. For example:

DirAuthority da1 orport=7000 no-v2 v3ident=xxx da1:7000 xxx

Results in the error:

Unrecognized flag 'da1:7000' on DirAuthority line

If I replace "da1" with an IP address there is no error. Is this expected
behaviour? I'm running tor v0.2.8.12. The documentation calls this an
"address" (as opposed to other parts which refer to an "IP") which made me
think a hostname would work.

Andy Smith
http://andrewmichaelsmith.com | @bingleybeep
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