[tor-relays] assign_to_cpuworker failed

diffusae punasipuli at t-online.de
Sun Feb 5 14:17:56 UTC 2017


Didn't update right now and got the same message today.
So, it looks like, the address field wasn't the problem.

Feb 05 15:01:25.000 [warn] assign_to_cpuworker failed. Ignoring.
Feb 05 15:01:29.000 [warn] circuit_mark_for_close_: Bug: Duplicate call
to circuit_mark_for_close at src/or/onion.c:238 (first at
src/or/command.c:579) (on Tor 01ab67e38b358ae9)
Feb 05 15:01:36.000 [warn] assign_to_cpuworker failed. Ignoring.

Should I I update to 2.9.9, does it solve the issue.


On 24.01.2017 20:06, Petrusko wrote:
> Thx Ivan for your support.
> I got an eye on the logs and everything around.
> ps: updated to 2.9.9 some hours ago... looks like ok for now.
> Ivan Markin :
>> There is nothing wrong at your side. You're probably experiencing the
>> same issue as in ticket I've mentioned earlier. "a memory leakage
>> somewhere" means that this "somewhere" is a place in tor code and
>> probably triggered remotely. This definitely ought to be fixed since it
>> may be a DoS vulnerability (process crash).
>> So if you have some details on this issue please report them to the
>> mentioned ticket.
>> Thanks,
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