[tor-relays] DoS attacks are real (probably)

null null at omuravpn.com
Mon Dec 11 19:55:02 UTC 2017

Hi Alex,

> This attack appears to be malicious to me. It seems to work like this:

> 1. Open many OR connections (hundreds to thousands)
> 2. Leave open until tor runs out of sockets

> Tor presently waits for the connections to time out, which takes 3-4.5
> minutes. It should instead more aggressively prune these garbage
> connections. https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/19984
> tracks this.

This is exactly what we saw as well. After implementing connection
limits (thanks again x9p) the problem mostly went away and our relays
have been stable since.

Thank you for opening the trac ticket. We agree it would be great if
this problem could be addressed in the Tor software if possible. In
the mean time we should probably be advocating for all relay operators
to implement connection limits. Put simply, without those limits,
relays are vulnerable to DoS.

> Evidence for this attack being malicious and intending to disable Tor is:

Agree with all 7 points you listed. We'd also add, there is additional
evidence that suggests some of the worst offenders (attacking IPs) are
actually orchestrated by a single entity (or perhaps multiple entities
working together). There are several commonalities across the
infrastructure used for these attacks. We identified and blocked (with
iptables DENY) the worst. To be clear, these IPs were not in the
consensus, and yes, mostly hosted by LeaseWeb.

> The referenced /16 block of guards is *not* part of this attack, and is
> simply poorly configured relays. you should not block that set,

Completely agree. We haven't blocked anything in the consensus.


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