[tor-relays] Interrogated by Finnish police for alleged idendity crimes, fraud and attempts of fraud

Juuso Lapinlampi wub at partyvan.eu
Mon Oct 31 13:25:44 UTC 2016

Putting the word out: I was interrogated by the Finnish police today for
multiple alleged counts (15+) of identity crimes, fraud and attempts of
fraud. The invitation letter to be interrogated was sent out on
2016-10-21 and received by me on 2016-10-25. Today is 2016-10-31.

The police suspects me because of an "IP-address assigned to my name",
which I can't confirm or deny to have a relation to me. As a suspect, I
was not told what this aclaimed IP-address was on a specific date to my
knowledge. It is only speculation if these allegations wrongly against
me have something to do with my relation with the Tor community or
activism about digital rights online.

Pending ongoing investigation, I am not allowed by law to share more
specific details about to the investigation. I'd be glad to reveal more
details about the case once the investigation is over and share/hear how
I became a suspect, once I know about it. (Note that my story is at
least slightly opinionated.)

I had a witness with me and I feel like my rights were being violated
during the interrogation. The officer (not to be named publicly in
respect for privacy) didn't want to allow me to write down their badge
number by taking the badge away from me while trying to write down the
numbers. The officer looked slightly anxious.

After refusing to comment on few questions (to which I have a legal
right as a suspect), soon after me and my belongings with me were
searched for aclaimed "security reasons" and "making sure I'm not
recording this interrogation (with a phone)". I'll let you decide on the
implications on unwarranted searches and individual legal protection.
(See supreme court decision KKO:1990:36.)

I audibly and multiple times in calm manner protested to not consent to
searches, but alas it happened against my will without being suspected
of wrongdoing at the police station in front of my witness. I didn't
physically resist but also didn't voluntarily help the officer.

The officer asked me inappropriate questions which were not related to
the investigation. I was asked about my previous involvement with the
police, how much I knew about the law and unsolicited advice about how
"it will be easier for me if I talked". I demanded the officer to write
down every question since the beginning of interrogation to the
interrogation minutes, including the inappropriate ones, but the officer
refused, trying to make up a fake reason how they were "irrelevant".

The officer raised their voice once or twice during the 45 minutes of
interrogation, apparently angry that I would not "make a confession" or
"help out and tell more" to prove innocence. Confronting the officer
again with a simple question "am I a suspect or a witness" to confirm my
position, I was confirmed again that I was a suspect in the case. Subtly
reminding that "I have my rights" that should be respected, the officer
replied among the lines of "I have my rights too" with disrespect.

After the interrogation minutes did not rightfully represent what was
actually questioned, the only sensible thing to me was to not sign the
minutes. The officer after the officer made threatening claims about how
I "would be going to court" over this, but didn't spend too much effort
on trying to get my signature.

Once the interrogation was concluded, the officer made an unsolicited
comment of "gladly not seeing people like [me] often". I told that I
would be in contact with my lawyers.

I am glad that I was not detained in a cell or arrested, which in my
opinion I can likely attribute to having a witness with me. Looking back
at what just happened at the police station, I should have demanded a
lawyer immediately to the interrogation after having my rights violated,
but I'm relying on my witness for now to make a testimony if necessary.

I repeat that I absolutely deny being guilty of any suspected crimes. Be
safe out there, tor-relays@ and all. (I have legal support behind me and
have never been particularly worried about the investigation or outcome
of this case.)

Proof of invitation letter:

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