[tor-relays] Interrogated by Finnish police for alleged idendity crimes, fraud and attempts of fraud

Juuso Lapinlampi wub at partyvan.eu
Tue Nov 8 14:49:12 UTC 2016

On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 01:25:44PM +0000, Juuso Lapinlampi wrote:
> Putting the word out: I was interrogated by the Finnish police today for
> multiple alleged counts (15+) of identity crimes, fraud and attempts of
> fraud. The invitation letter to be interrogated was sent out on
> 2016-10-21 and received by me on 2016-10-25. Today is 2016-10-31.
> The police suspects me because of an "IP-address assigned to my name",

I received news today: I'm no longer a suspect as of 2016-11-04 and the
investigation has been frozen, so I can talk more freely about this in
the public.

I operate few Tor relays/exits and have also done so earlier in Finland.
There are no other known suspects in the case, so I can only confirm my
assumption this case was about one of my Tor exits relaying anonymous
traffic from someone. I did not personally commit any crimes, but so far
it's easy to guess the offender's nationality from the description.

I still have not been told what the aclaimed IP-address has been, but I
know for sure what my IP-addresses were assigned on the date of these
alleged crimes. Inputting the IP-addresses to ExoneraTor [1] confirms I
was operating an exit on that date, which would have been my defense if
necessary. One of them is a residential IP-address, something that has
been echoed many times on this list to not be such a good idea for

I'm also aware of 205 malware infections/botnet incidents on that
specific date of crime being relayed through one of my exits, according
to AutoReporter abuse logs. (Thanks to my ISP for helping out.) It will
be hard to say if these have any relevance to the case or not.

I also have a /29 IPv4-address space and /56 or /64 IPv6-address space
re-assigned to my name in the RIPE database with full contact info and

I've been informed of the exact dates, the subject of alleged crimes and
their counts, the name and birthdate of the injured party, the targets
of the alleged crimes, and finally parts of detail what was fraudulently
gained or attempted to be gained.

In total, the offender might face 20+ years in prison if (and when
hopefully) caught and deemed guilty.

I would still operate a Tor exit in Finland again, only if it was not so
difficult (and slightly expensive) to get good colocation and

That's as much as I can tell right now, while the alleged crime is still
"living" and not expired. I'll reply to your replies soon if needed.

[1]: https://exonerator.torproject.org/

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