[tor-relays] Bridge Authority closure

Sanjeev Gupta ghane0 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 13:03:41 UTC 2016


What are the requirements, apart from long-term stability, for this?

On 21 Jul 2016 12:18 pm, "Sebastian Hahn" <sebastian at torproject.org> wrote:

> > On 21 Jul 2016, at 05:20, Me <info at gumbyzee.torzone.net> wrote:
> > So what are we going to do when Green shuts down the Bridge Authority
> server next month? Will it have a serious effect, or will there be any
> apparent issues or slowdowns?
> We'll have to act before that. We're currently looking for
> a new operator for the bridge authority and a suitable hosting
> location, which we will want to include in Tor releases asap.
> For a while we will feed the data from the two concurrently
> running bridge authorities to the bridge database for
> distribution to users, then when Tonga (Lucky's auth) is shut
> down the new one will have taken over. We will lose the data
> about all bridges that aren't updated after the time Tonga is
> shut off. This means fewer bridges for bridge db to give out and
> potentially a drop in counted (not necessarily actual) bridge
> users of Tor.
> Cheers
> Sebastian
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