[tor-relays] wubthecaptain1 relay is no longer an exit (was: Re: Exit node situation in Finland)

Juuso Lapinlampi wub at partyvan.eu
Tue Jul 12 19:29:40 UTC 2016

I mentioned in this thread how I was running a Tor exit from a home
connection in Finland.

TeliaSonera Finland Oyj (AS1759)'s abuse department has today requested
me to remove my 90 Mbps Tor exit from their network, which I have been
running since February 2016 on a home connection. They're citing
concerns about not wanting to be profilerated as a bulletproof ISP and
contractual obligations. At the time, my relay was still the second
largest exit and the third largest Tor node in Finland according to

They would have allowed me to continue having an exit on ports 80 and
443, but I didn't see that to do much good so I've turned my relay into
a middle relay. They say they've received over 8200 abuse reports from
my broadband connection since February 2016, most of them autoreporter
logs of course which they've shared with me frequently.

I'm still happy with how long they've cooperated and allowed me to run
an exit. It's been fun, and I'd hope to be allowed to do this again in
the future.

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