[tor-relays] More than one instance with Debian Jessie

pa011 pa011 at web.de
Sat Jul 2 18:06:00 UTC 2016

Ok - "Log notice file /var/log/tor/notices2.log" removed from torrc, but
that doesn’t influence the error message from systemctl in no way.

Still not working !

Does the machine on which I like to add this second instance have more
than one core??

I don’t want to use ansible at the moment - that seems far to much for
me currently - maybe three steps ahead :-)

Is there possibly an other way instead of two Tor instances running to
convince the bandwidth-authority to take more use of a 250Mbit/s line
for an Exit instead of just 40-50 Mbit/s?

Am 02.07.2016 um 18:21 schrieb nusenu:
>> Still unsuccessful, even after reboot -here is what I did:
>> sudo tor-instance-create tor2
>> sudo adduser xxx _tor-tor2
> no need to create that user manually, tor-instance-create does that
>> sudo systemctl start tor at tor2
>> Job for tor at tor2.service failed. See 'systemctl status tor at tor2.service'
>> and 'journalctl -xn' for details.
>> xxx at xxx:~$ systemctl status tor at tor2.service
>>tor at tor2.service - Anonymizing overlay network for TCP (instance tor2)
>>    Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/tor at .service; disabled)
>>    Active: failed (Result: start-limit) since Sat 2016-07-02 17:37:32
>> CEST; 12s ago
>>   Process: 710 ExecStart=/usr/bin/tor --defaults-torrc
>> /var/run/tor-instances/%i.defaults -f /etc/tor/instances/%i/torrc
>> (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)
>>> these are my current settings:
>>> SocksPort auto
>>> RunAsDaemon 0
>>> Log notice file /var/log/tor/notices2.log
> This is a bad idea (file permissions), why did you add that Log line?
> I recommend you stick with the default behaviour (syslog), just remove
> that line.
> If you simply want to setup multiple tor instances on a debian 8 target
> machine, you might also just use ansible
> https://github.com/nusenu/ansible-relayor
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