[tor-relays] What do the huge providers have to do within tor circuits?

torserver at datakanja.de torserver at datakanja.de
Mon Feb 29 05:20:39 UTC 2016


 slowly getting acquainted with running a Tor relay, i am wondering:

>From my gathering, tor is - at times - connecting to many instances of
akamai CDN services, amazonaws, and other similar services
simultaneously. When i say many instances, i mean: a saw a peak exposure
of 30 outgoing ports from my server all going to the above 2 alone (as
gathered by iftop. I didn't set up snort just yet).

This is seen on a NON-Exit-relay and is troubling me: I am aware of
Akamai being the premier CDN provider, serving around 30% of internet
traffic alone. Their server power, manpower and know-how is huge. And
their ability to draw information from any sort of internet traffic is

>From my outsider's perspective, they are in the process of building the
tools to effectively dismantle the means and purpose of the Tor network
at large. That is what is giving me chills, when i watch them acting
from inside the circuits. Clearly, they would be able to hide their
identity while doing so. And since they aren't, i may be getting
something wrong.

So that is why i am asking you: Does anyone KNOW, what is going on?


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