[tor-relays] Network Bandwidth Fine Tuning

nusenu nusenu at openmailbox.org
Sun Feb 28 13:44:40 UTC 2016

> My Bandwidth results are averaging around 1.5mbs to 3.0mbs via the
> Tor Globe Stats page.
> Can someone tell me how to increase my network bandwidth based on
> what I am capable of uploading and downloading. I am allocated 2TB
> of bandwidth per month from my VPS
> Right now the Advertised Bandwidth is 1.7MB/s and when I scroll
> down further on the page in the Bandwidth section my "mean written
> bytes" are 226.15 kb/s and my "mean read bytes" are 227.1 kbs/s
> I see several sites averaging 50MB/s-60MB/s on the Top Ten Relays
> list

If your VPS is only allowed to do 2TB/month, than you won't need any
tuning if you are already doing 1.7MB/s.

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