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Sat Feb 27 00:31:00 UTC 2016

Damian Johnson:
> Hi wonderful relay operators. It's GSoC season again, where students
> can be funded to make open source projects like Tor even better!
> Nyx (previously known as arm [1]) has been my main focus this last
> year and is inching ever closer to release. For those unfamiliar with
> it, Nyx is an ncurses monitor for Tor relays providing a bandwidth
> graph, event log, connections, config editor, and more.
> Rather than add new features my work has focused on making Nyx simpler
> and faster, but GSoC provides us an opportunity to do even more. So
> I'm curious - what do you want from an ncurses monitor? The answer may
> be 'keep it simple'. Feature creep does us no favors. But if there's a
> good fit I'd love to mentor a project that makes your lives even
> better!
> I'm not overly fond of the ideas I've had so far...
> * Windows support. This poses a few challenges. [2]
> * When running multiple tor instances on a single system connect to
> them all, aggregating the information.

+1 (I hope that requires ControlPort access only)

> So anything come to mind?

these are not really entire projects but features that come to mind:

OfflineMasterKey support

- display expiry information
- easy interactive key renewal (if the master key is stored on the relay
and protected with a passphrase)
Can one renew keys through ControlPort access only? (for remote key renewal)

warn the operator if she is using Google's DNS

warn the operator if there is a mismatch between configured and
effective MyFamily

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